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Explicit language & Violence,18+

This is the year 2024.The Advance of Biotechnology holds great hopes in the war against Bio-terrorism...However...


A .D. 2024 Neo Raccoon

An Alternative story in the Biohazard Series

1.Good Old T-Virus

That Living Dead was for sure enjoying his Midnight meal,a real gourmet performing deviant butchery on what should I call the poor bastard Whose then body was feasted on…Turning it into a Carcass.I have to admit that despite my experience and what I’ve been through with BOWs by the past,one might think that this display of gore could leave me Ice cold or unmoved but in my case fear had Let a crack in my heart. Hateful he ripped out the entrails & bit through the pulsating flesh,Into the torso he grasped-Deep-to tear out the heart.The former Vital Organs on the floor were to be left to rot,the five star “Chef” in his own way of sick Butchery took a bullet which blew his head off.

-”Alistair,what were you waiting for ??...you know I don’t like to look at trash for too long so let’s get going”
-“Yes,captain” was she able to perceive my uneasiness ? or perhaps more than that…yet on her part,the Captain of the 2nd Division of the BioPolice was completely emotionless.The team’s sniper Victor “Vic” Lance informed us on the situation via our radio “Vic here to shkVAL and Roids user, Ted & Dan’s small group managed to save the subject & some of her classmates,she’s fine and they’re headed over here for extraction,in the meantime I managed to stop the two Idiots on the roof…..don’t know if it ai’nt too late already though”

Our mission was simple,penetrate into that Highschool in the small town of Little Arklay to save a certain subject,which happens to be the daughter of an important person,apparently a top executive of one of the major Sponsors for the BioPolice,our organization is only partly funded by the US government and since our lobbyists did a good job by convincing senators in the congress to Re-Authorize private funding(which was forbidden since the Tricell business in 2009)for anti bio terrorism agencies more of national scale like ours,big pharmaceuticals companies execs flocked in the Commander In Chief’s office.

The mission went haywire the minutes we landed although the overall situation was already going from bad to worse.Prior to our arrival,a group of a dozen of lightly armed civilians sought to take shelter into the highschool facility,they came in inside a blue Van through the huge front gate,one of them had the wit of closing the gate before heading Indoor.I’m the living proof that even trained soldiers like me have a hard time to cope with such stressful sights,so I could’nt blame the regular joes of being trigger Itchy under these circumstances. Two civilians posted themselves on the roof and,equipped with a sniper rifle,then shot on sight of the undead….Little Arklay being a small city with quite a lot of(then) living dead inhabitant,the sound of the shootings drew an enormous crowd of unusualy aggressive zombies and still gathering in front of the school gate,believe me it was quite a view from the chopper we landed from.

-“Captain,did you see ?” I said

-“Yeah…so much for trying to keep it low profile,guess it makes the work easier for “Them”…Vic you take care of those trigger happy pricks on the roof meanwhile me & Alistair will investigate the ground floor lobby,ted takes the rest of the group to search the upper floors,Dan you know your job”

-“so retrieving & taking the spoiled brat home is the absolute priority ?! hope she’s not a crybaby” Vic sighed

-“Babysitting is sometime better than standing in a rat hole full of C-Virus Monsters” Ted replicated

-“Stay alert,those things may appears slow & dumb but once they catch you it’s almost over,they also have a thing for popping out of nowhere” I’ve told the guys

-“Alright,the front gate can yield at any moment,so let’s hope our target is still alive….Let’s get Moving!!!”


2.Beings Of Putrefaction

From the back entrance we’ve crashed in the main Lobby,our group was welcomed by the Midnight Wanderers,the Walking Deads or whatever you wanna call those….the fumes emanating by the putrefied living dead were penetrating,almost making you want to vomit. Their particuliar breathing & growls made them sound like wild animals,the laments of the deads. “Has the Weapon I Carry Ever Been So Heavy?” Even stripped of their souls & zombified,it took all my might raise my M203 equipped M16A2 assault rifle to aim at those schoolboys in uniforms steadily surrounding us,maybe unconsciously I did’nt want to show my sensibility to my comrades so I pulled the Trigger First resulting in a Headshot,the kid was no more.Captain Vladilena,stone cold seconded me in my shooting by downing zombified brats one after another.Getting a kill in such fashion got me a “praise” from Vic “Roided to the Hilt but still a first grade marksman mofo!!” Vic’s sense of humor & Lightheartedness was quite a rare trait for a member of the BioPolice,When Lance Faced a zombie wearing a cook apron(probably a former employee at the Cafeteria) he yelled “A Mc Morning Or I Shoot” he proceeded with his threat and went on “I Just Wanted a Mc Morning”.The guys did’nt lose any time,we’ve splitted up for our respective objective almost immediatly after a few bullets fired.” Alistair,you & I will search out the classrooms separatly in this lobby,it’s a waste of time to try to eliminate them all,dodge them,be as quite as you can” Applicating her Instruction,I thumbed up in her direction then proceeded my way.

Each member received a photo and a description of the subject: Rose White,17 years of age & a viral biology student.I had figured out later that she was the daughter of Rickson White,CEO of GenomTech Inc. BioPolice’s Main Sponsor.One step at a time,the handgun in my right hand & the pocket light in the other hand,I steadily checked on the rooms and bodies,hoping that I would’nt eventualy end up on the teenager we were looking for,unluckily for me I ended up on something creepier on my way to search the last couple of rooms,I met this survivor(who probably strayed from his group) covered in blood,so drenched in blood that you’d easily confuse this middle-aged man for a zombie.The horror vision of what that man was performing on the dead bodies was’nt even imaginable in my worst nightmare.” I…I..I D..Don’t wanna die it ai’nt safe here,it’s as bad as outside” that man was choppin’ off the bodies,beside him there was a bowl full of human organs “Freeze!!drop your knife before I put a bullet into your head!!” I ordered,dumbfounded. ”you’re a BSAA ? oh oh no you’re one of these psychos!! God NO!” I did’nt Catch up with his intentions by commiting these atrocities,but the psyched look on his face made me believe that this dude had long past the point of Sanity.

“-Are they coming ? TELL ME!! Tell me the truth, are they coming to clean the area ??”
“-Settle down Goddammit!! I’m from the regular unit of the BioPolice,don’t you dare mixing us up with these Maddogs”
“-I’ve worked for the BioPolice’s administration two years ago…I’ve heard stories about THEM!! Oh My God we gotta get out of here!!”
“-Hey…HEY! Calm the Fuck down,tell me rather why were you butchering these bodies ??”
“We cannot leave with the monsters blocking the way,We HAVE TO BAIT THEM AWAY….with this pure pedigree meat then we’ll drive STRAIGHT THROUGH!!”
“-Your Selfishness sickens me,you’ve had no right to profane their bodies even further!!!”
“-You can go to hell with your Morals!! It’s the survival of the fittest”
“-Look,Look sir go hide under this desk and wait for my instruction” At this point his level of Madness Reached new heights,In tears he started mumbling to himself:
“-We’ll chop them Off….Munch Munch…..Thanks very Much….and Ciao” I Chosed to Knock him Inconscious,I thought this was the best option for his safety….and ours.In the moment,a quote from our Commander echoed in my mind”Alistair,don’t forget that the utmost danger may come from Humans around you rather than Bio Organic Weapons….human is uncertainty….the beings of putrefactions ar’nt always who you aim your gun at,One day…you’ll have to make a choice for the sake of the mission”



Radio Chat put my mind off the Commander’s Philo Track,”HQ to Division 2,it’s been confirmed that there is a Panic Room in the School facility,precisely on 4th Floor,transmissions are cut off yet there’s a high probability that the subject along with some of her classmate took shelter there”
“Oh Yes,we’re in front of a bigass steel door,beside the Lab where the kids are supposed to study viruses,but something is off…the screen where you have to enter the code is totally black,the safe room camera does’nt move an inch…the whole thing seems out of Power if you ask me!” Ted Radioed.
“you ought to have brought your glasses with you Teddy,Some Lights are on,Power is On” Vic replied
“You Two are Fuckin’ Idiots,it’s a Panic Room morons,powered by its own electric Circuit,independent of the school’s network.Anyway I got my hand on the plan,the power sub-station is located underground, I’m going to bring the power back on,Captain Out”
“Wait a sec,Captain!”
“What Is It,Alistair ?”
“I’m much closer to the door leading to the Underground Level than you,it’s just next to my position,let me handle this matter,will you ?”
“Da,you got my Go Ahead. I,in the meantime will Hack the administration Computer In Order to get our hands on the safe room access Code….Catch Up With me Once you’re done, We’ll have to talk about something.Out”

It did’nt bother me at the time,the Captain & I often Discussed about the matters of past or future missions, briefing, Investigation (BioPolice is a Counter Bio-Terrorism agence but we do lead our own Investigations, preventions of BOWs Trafficking ect).Going Down Stair,I was greeted with 20 Inches of water,Unbalanced Struggles between human & BOWs tend to give rise to all kind of incidents like fires,floods,car crashes or god knows what,so two conclusions came to me:the Flood of this Underground level must have caused the safe room’s power outage and second the place may have been the scene of a deadly battle. I Switched from the 9mm to the Sawn-Off Shotgun that Kendou prepared for me to replace my regular Ithaca SG,the latter has advantages over the Sawn-Off version like Load Capacity,Effective Range,Shooting Stability due to its length but despite all that I chosed the lighter Sawn Off SG because of its much Wider Spread of Shot.My teammates like to boast about the Shotgun’s undeniable firepower but on my part it is my belief that M16s & M4s(which my Comrades carry)that fires 5.56x45mm Cartridges provide more than enough power against the Species that we likely are to encounter. To me, the SG’s efficiency come in handy to spread out a threatening bunch.When it comes to deal real damage the 40mm single shot grenade launcher M203 mounted on my main gun is fit to do the job, plus it avoids to lose precious time had I to switch to the Handgrenades(I do have them nonetheless)in the middle of the battle.Explosive power readily available on my M16A2.I also possess a Customized Magnum that Chambers special ammos but unless absolute necessity I never use that gun…I Loath to use it.

I followed the trail of the leak in the dark Water Ways, I needed to identify the origin of the water leakage ,stop it and find a mean to drain all this water to finaly bring back the power supply.As I advanced a zombie suddenly surfaced out of water,by his blue collar look I’d say that he was formerly from the maintenance staff. It took a stance as if it was Suffocating then threw a Jet of Acid by his Mouth,I’d barely dodged(the water made my feet heavy) his throw but it jumped toward me with a fierce devouring envy, I shot him in the gut which literaly split him in two,still it had gotten ahold of my leg,even with only the upper half of its body remaining a zombie never gives up a prey.It could have bitten me but I smashed its head with my ranger before it had the time to do so. Water Dyed Red.I Hoped his co-worker were’nt on the overnight working Schedule that day.Continuing My Careful Walk,the sound of an abundantly leaking Pipe drew near,I’m not a plumber but Conviniently for me the pipe supplied the boiler room,a valve is commonly placed in order to stop the supply of water in case of intervention,I noticed this big red & rusted valve that I shut down with ease which prompted to steadily stop the leakage,no more heating but hey no one was gonna complain.I Actualy had a zombified plaintiff,standing Lifeless I thought that he hadn’t noticed me but he pulled his Intestines out of his opened stomach wall to squeeze Acid throws out of them,he missed me but it was clear to me why the pipe got pierced,I’ve blown his head off by measure of precaution.I opened the couple of Manholes with the help of my Knife on my way to the Power room to begin the draining process,dead bodies,supposed to “sleep” at the bottom became more and more visible so I hastened myself toward the power room,there was still a little bit of water Upon my arrival,the “Flood” LED(light emitting diode) on the Distribution board indicated me that I had to wait some minutes,I profited of this time on my hand to reload my weapons and think about the circumstances of this apparently “accidental” outbreak,which I didn’t buy.The theory of an ill-intentioned(terrorist) attack of Little Arklay,to me did’nt make much more sense either.

Terrorists Love BOWs In A.D. 2024.No Doubt,still I wondered why a northern suburb such as Little Arklay(or “In The Middle Of Fucking Nowhere” as Vic put It) would’ve been Targeted instead of the Megalopole’s Millions of Civilians. T-Virus can spread fast for sure but zombies were considered by many as “Failures” for their lack of Intelligence , the criteria that they fill really well is the terror & horror engendered yet bio terrorist attacks of the last two decades showed the preference for much more intelligent,functional BOWs are priviledged by terrorists.An example to Illustrate my case is the Abductions of U.N Staff by J’avos In China(the diversion tactics of the J’avos dumbfounded even the BSAA at the time)or the Unknown to public kidnapping of Ashley Graham. Orderable,weapon wielding cannon Fodder…this is what they’re looking for.
Whoever was the author of this BioCrime,their Intentions seemed Unclear,it made more sense to me in term of Symbolic to target Neo Raccoon,built upon ground zero’s remains,An Advanced MetroPole(Only Second to New York)of Neon Lights,Giant Pedestrians Crossings & Advertising-Ladden Buildings,especialy present in the Central Business District Area.Not Only A Temple for Tech Consumerism,Neo Raccoon astonishes with its lack of Greenery thanks to the Missile Touchdown,forget about the late Arklay Forest and say hello to Traffic Jams,Pollution,Rush hours,tags & graffitis depicting zombies on Walls of short alleyways.”Dead Men never really sleep”,”Cell Is King”,”Genetic Genocide” phrases apparented to monkey talk as such were sprayed.Normal policemen were tasked with apprehending this breed of “artists”.The Fully Automatic Aerial Subway lines which cross Neo Raccoon top to bottom did’nt avoid evening crowdings,this city at night looked like one big Beehive of come & goners.The Underground Subway System’s construction which was chosen & approved was cancelled halfway through completion & testing due to T-Virus traces still present.The Abandoned UG Area is now the Hideout of Drug Dealers,thugs,Junkies,Prostitutes,Homeless people…and other ungodly creatures…Neo Raccoon’s Noir Depths.Only a meaningless and transparent small stele was established in the memory of the 100,000 whom perished….the Flowers had long since withered on the monument.
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4.Escape/C.D.U.(Division 0)

Nothing Happened When I Rearmed the Contactor & Tried to Switch on the Circuit Breaker inside the Distribution Board,the Circuit Breaker Button went right down in place.I opened the Disconnector(or Isolator Switch)because well,with my legs drenched I did not wish to turn into a Grilled Sandwich,this procedure ensures complete de-energisation.I then opened the Fusesboxe,fuses are devices of the size of a phalanx which take the heat of overcurrent to provide protection,I was’nt equipped to do proper checking(just so we understand:we’re in the monster killing business,not a repair service)of the fuses but I could see through their brittle glass tube that metal strips had melted.They were obsoletes but spare fuses were left aside in the panel board,like it’s usually the case for one time use,sacrificial components that need to be changed…such a competent maintenance team. I replaced the two devices,set everything(isolator switch,contactor & circuit breaker)to push the button on the panel that finally lightened up like year-end holidays decorations.Radio Talk followed.

“Great!! I can enter the code at last.Captain ?”
“667…..the Number of the Beast.Hacking their code was really easy,took a bit of time but….amateurs”
“The Juicer Bringing the Juice Back On How Fitting!! Haha!!” Vic chuckled,like always teasing me…
“You know Vic,be glad our Captain despise homogeneity so a phenomene like you have a place in the team” I responded.
“Haha I’m too pretty to be casual but I’m Not the Asshole who got fired from the BSAA”.
“No,you’re the Asshole who got fired from the Fucking Blue Boys,out”(gay nightclub)
Switching to the M16A2 I got back to the lobby on ground floor,dodging maintenance staff’s leftover,having my movements not kind of restricted by the water felt good although my legs were somewhat stiff and cold but with adrenaline & my heart rate above normal,I did’nt feel it much.

A Chill was Sent Down my spine when I noticed that the man I knocked out earlier tonight had Vanished,only a load of Blood & mutilated corpses remained in the room,even his basin disappeared. My legs didn’t feel stiff or cold anymore,the only things I could feel were the thumping of my heart and Ueda’s Track “Karnival” faintly playing out in the back of my Head.”Was There Something That I Overlooked again ?” I found myself in a Dazed State,uncapable of thinking correctly I ran toward the entrance of the school facility,only to find myself with the sick “Chef” that Captain Vladilena took out. “McNichol” When the Captain is calling me by my Last name…I know shit’s about to go down
“Don’t tell me that you’ve felt pity for that son of a Bitch!? You’re just too sensitive.If one,be it civilian or soldier is too weak to keep his mind sane & clear,this put us in danger me,you & the rest of the team….you should have gotten rid of that guy in the first place” she heard my interaction with the middle-aged man via Radio. Whether this scolding was deserved or not,I was’nt even looking to argue or defend myself.” Sorry to Cut you off Captain but haven’t you Bumped into that guy just now? I put him to sleep but he seems to have awaken up I’m afraid he’s up to something Bad”

“Vic here to shkVAL and Roids user Ted & Dan’s small group managed to save the subject & some of her classmates,she’s fine and they’re headed over here for extraction,in the meantime I managed to stop the two Idiots on the roof…..don’t know if it ai’nt too late already though”
-“Oh….HOLY SHIT,What the Fuck is he doing ?”
-“Vic ? Report! What is it ?”
-“There’s a Weird Dude at the front gate looking to make an escape by himself,I can get him from here with my sniper” we immediately went through the school door to witness the mad man’s desperate attempt.The blue Van was in front of the portal,the engine still running,right after helplessly throwing the basin of atrocities which left the living dead unfazed,well they seemed even more relentless, his trembling hands clumsily untied the rope used to lock the portal,Thousands of arms trying to reached out to him through the bars,their pleads for human Flesh had gone crescendo.In The Course of these actions,we didn’t blankly stay still
“WAIT!!DON’T!!” I yelled as my Body moved Forward,prepared to make a dash for him with all the power I had in my Legs
“ALISTAIR” The Captain Shouted,even louder.I stopped.Neat.As if her command was God-Given.She,with her H&K MP5(Maschinenpistole 5) took aim at the Bastard and Said”Lance,just focus on the survivors’s extraction,I’ll handle this” with such a Cool and Calm Voice,How Could she be so sure & clear in this situation ? There was easily a distance of more than 25 meters from the target,the MP5 was even equipped with a scope. Eye Naked, Colder Than The Devil’s Heart,She Shot him,the bullet went through his head,he fell like a puppet sideway.I Could see it,even from this distance,I could see it…the empty accusing stare,a hole in between his eyes.Oddly enough,he did’nt look psyched anymore…just a regular Dead Man. Did he find Salvation in Death ? I don’t know,did’nt have the time to think about it nor to mourn his death because Zombapocalypse Followed-up not 5 secs later. It’s always like this. At one point or another Missions always Goes from “not too bad” to “totaly Fucked up” The Front Gate Yielded to the Zombies’s Constant Pressure,enraged they Flooded In running ,they’d quickly Invade the facility compound,their Stench polluting the stale Air,”Karnival” played out clearly in my mind as we retreated indoor,closing the entrance doors then loosely barricading them with surrounding furniture availaible,Vladilena shot every Extinguishers nearby to stir up a bit of confusion among the monsters.I Shut the Fire Door separating the lobby from the Stairs.The Goal was’nt to stop them,it was to Buy Time.We could hear zombies Violently Crashing through Windows,our Barrage was’nt gonna hold out much longer either.Vic Radioed In:

-“Guys Status Report!! Da Fuck Happened ? There Are More Zombies out there than there are Rats in Neo Raccoon’s Abandoned Subway!!”
-“Hell I thought they were slow Dumbasses ?” said The Rookie who just recently joined the unit, Michaelson “Mike” Weaver.
-“Be Prepared Guys They’ll be coming in Droves!!Shortly!!” I warned,locking up the fire door While Vladilena,her Back against the wall,reloading her weapon(an automatism anyway)said:
-“Don’t Lose your Head you Idiots!!Dan? Dan Come In!”
-“Yes Captain ?”
-“We’ll be torn apart in Pieces in no time if we don’t find a way to stall for more Time.I need you to set your TNT Charges under the last section of Stairs leading up to the roof,is it Doable ?”
-“Yes It is!hey Rookie come here and help out!”
-“Once we catch up with you guys,detonate the charges.EXECUTION!”
-“Roger That Captain”

As a masterful Tactician,Captain Vladilena Had Of course already thought this Through.There was not a chance our Chopper,a Large CH-53 Stallion would’ve been able to land on the Roof,the latter is ring fenced to prevent suicides so forget about a “Pinnacle” Maneuver with the chopper.The subject and surviving Teenagers would have to be winched in the Helicopter,a rather time consuming process.
-“Where’s that GayAss chopper pilot with his damn fly ?” Vic said,losing patience.
-“John Biloute here.Normaly I hate to be bothered when I flick through the latest Issue of Hard Gay Magazine but I’ll make an exception for you Victor”
-“About damn time.Let’s get it started!”
-“HeHeHe Relax Cuties Relax.”
John is often fying at a much Higher altitude in Stand-By once drop off is done, we can’t afford to let the precious chopper be downed by an eventual projectile so this measure was put in place.Tackles were felt against the fire door,monsters tried to breach the door open.”We’ve got a good defensive position here,captain how are you equipped ?” “Grenades…the best option when hordes will burst into here and Unfortunatly the stairs are pretty wide here,got 3 of them,how about you,mister morals ?” her Blue eyed Stare met with mine when she asked me this “five handgrenades plus a few 40 mm shots with the M203” I answered while looking away.I Could’nt say I was’nt feeling responsible for this mess.”As I expected from a Gun fanatic,listen as soon as they’re here we throw in a first salvo of 2 then we climb the stairs Illico to join the others” By the time I’ve said roger a huge “BLAME!” almost forced the door and a second one Smashed the hinges,slamming the door against the floor,with the Whopper’s(an overly large zombie) doing,Trespassing zombies Flocked In at Once,Bypassing its humongous body,we dropped our gift then run for it and despite my epo boosted legs I could only barely keep up with the Captain’s speed through the building’s six stories,I would have lost her if it was’nt for the second salvo that we’ve dropped at midway point,flesh eaters were running fast too.Vladilena faced a lone,wandering monster In Between stories.Without interrupting her motion she jumped to put her foot on its face then crushed its skull on the floor while landing “Fucking Trash” she said while stomping the smashed head one more time.Sudden Outburst of hatred toward BOWs from Vladilena were’nt so rare,but it wasn’t the time,restless zombies approached .We kept on going and attained the roof eventually.

-“Everyone,Take Cover!!!” Dan shouted.The sound of the explosion pierced our ears.Not only the stairs crumbled but almost everything around,dust arose then vanished thanks to the chopper’s rotor blades blowing wind away above our heads.
-“You went a little overboard Danny!” Vic said
-“Oops my Bad”
-“Hey it’s yet to be over,form a protective group around the brats,Winch in the subject in priority…japonski will be a pain if anything ever happen to one of his ca$hcow’s daughter” Captain said while wiping dust off her black standard BioPolice Uniform.Heaps of Debris offered a more or less stable bridge-like connection so zombies could crawl through,at the same time on the other side other monsters,likely coming from windows below,managed to climb the fence.
-"Damn!They never give up!Where the Hell are they coming From ??” Weaver,part of the protective group circling the Kids asked.
-“Easy Mike,we’re more than able to handle this many.Stay Focused & Reassure the kids” I told him.Weaver,21 was formerly a US Army Cadet who signed in because “Money’s not bad here” so if the sights hard for us,this was hardly Bearable for Mike.Crouched,he nervously reached for his bottle of Whiskey in his equipment package and with a sweat streaming face took a sip.His breathing calmed down.
“Stop Playing Heroid oops I meant Hero and let’s get the gig started homie!” Vic told me while putting his Weed Joint he had rolled beforehand between his lips “hmm..Better than green & red herbs mixed” he added,lightening the joint with a zip lighter then exhaling smoke “Hey Girlies,don’t worry about whether they see your panties or not,They’re all Homos in this teams aside from me!” I liked Vic’s joke relief intent toward the terrorized kids but I did’nt like his methodology.

I emptied half of the M16A2’s 30-Round Magazine to subdue & kill a Skinless Bloodshot,the 5.56x45mm slugs did’nt stun or make it recoil,another one leaped a ridiculous distance in my direction.Aware that my gun had’nt much capacity left I Dismembered it with the M203,hopefully I was’nt hurt by the relatively close explosion,I reloaded with another 40mm shell immediately.Vic with an Ithaca SG was taking care of the “Small Fry”….and the effects of his weed kicked right in:
“HAHAHA Easy peasy mikey there are only dangerous in Crowds!Otherwise there’re all ‘Euuuwl’ Dumbassess HAHA!”
Vic Beheaded a zombie before telling “look this is easy!!HAHa”
“We’ve been lucky so far stop being a Dick” I warned…”Omae wa mo shindeiru Fuckers haha!” he screamed before headshoting another monster “EuuuuuuH is not English!!Christ Speak English you dead MotherFuckers!!!.....This is America Assholes!Guns are allowed and I’m Republican”
-“Silence is a Virtue,Lance” The Captain said,Issuing a warning
-“Biloute here,civilians secured,I told my sexy Co-Pilot to drop you a rope ladder for the rest of you guys!”
-“Okay let’s get the heck out of here” Vladilena ordered,I stayed behind to provide fire cover. Only captain Vladilena & I remained everyone else embarked,she despise above everything lousy Damsel in distress or “Ladies ‘n’ children first” Heroism “Go Climb” she told me,then raising her fist toward the chopper she activated the custom made grapplehook fit on her right Forearm thus embarked this way.We flew away….guys had to elevate their voices to offset the noise inside although the CH-53 featured Noise reduction systems
-“Captain,my fly will be filled with holes thanks to your Grapplething…” John complained
-“Pfiiiou….did’nt realize it could go Haywire like that….What was that all about anyway ?” Weaver said
-“Just a guy who’s lost it…nothing uncommon in a midst of an outbreak.” Vic tried to explain
-"Well….” I could’nt bring myself to say what was on my mind
-“What?” Vladilena,who was seated in front of me asked
-“No…it’s nothing…forget about it” I felt her unconvinced stare on me

It would be a mistake to solely Blame the madman for his behavior.None of this would have happened this way,had he had faith and trust in the “Protect & Serve” BioPolice motto.Or this was’nt the case,he was scared to death of us..or rather them.Cumpulsory Decontamination Unit or Division zero.A couple of years ago,a group of businessmen & senators deemed nuclear extinctions of BioHazardous areas Obsolete both from an “Economical & Ethical” Standpoint.This group successfully passed a bill allowing the creation and private funding of a Heavily armed & armored extermination unit Whose goal “is to safeguard contaminated areas by clearing BOWs away”.BSAA General Chris Redfield rejected the task of founding the unit judging the said decontamination with “too much potential error margin”. Redfield was also aware of where those men were coming from And by “Safeguard areas” and “Safeguard their Established Business Interests on the areas” the line was thin. That’s when BioPolice’s Commander,Daisuke Nihei was entrusted with the creation of the C.D.U. As an experimental unit,the latter is shrouded with secrecy,their operatives look like Panzer cops.Faceless they wear gasmasks-like connected to small oxygen bottle supply attached on their lower back.Most are equipped with M60s,M240s,Flamethrowers & Such.There was already a dozen of outings on their Record with “a 99% cleaning Rate” boasted by Nihei in front of Public Press Conference Journalists & TV cameras though No one could overlook rumors of their Inhuman Cruelty on the battlefield, they’d supposedly kill(as well as BOWs) Civilians including Elderly and Children and Rape the women,Steal Goods and money. Some say the operative were former death sentenced prisoners gathered & forced to work for free by Nihei,the latter did’nt even disclose anything about them to Division Captains.

I stared back at Captain Vladilena and asked her“Do you think they’re already dispatched ?”
-“Are you kidding ? they likely have already surrounded Little Arklay and scoured the sewers”
-“Did we become GenomTech’s private army captain ? just asking…” Vic said
-“Now I see…for once I agree with Vic,every civilian should be treated the same” I Replicated
-“Let’s not dismiss too much the ones who help to pay for our bulletproof jackets” John added
-“I understand your concerns,but at a time where money is being the nerve of war,I’ll ask you to deal with it Comrades….”
The teenage girl whose hair whitened due to extreme stress & anxiety was looking at Vladilena
-“You’re……The Artificial Lady…..”
Unclear radio transmission interrupted: ”C.D.U. to HQ…………..We’re getting crushed….send reinforcement……The monster is Going Berserk!!!!”
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6.The Berserker

“…send reinforcement ASAP…….it’s too big to handle…….tears through armored….like nothing”
“Damn why so many interferences ? looks like those guys are in deep troubles! I wonder what they’re up against” Vic said.
“Not our mission,Dan are you saying not one virus is missing ?” the captain asked.
“Affirmative,in the school lab I forced open the safe with light explosive & there are all present in this attaché case”
“So the theory of a simple incident is definitely to rule out….and the terrorist attack to consider…”
“Agreed with you captain,the outbreak could’nt have started from the School and moreover T-virus do not create ultra-aggressive skinless zombies,the same goes for screaming zombies with hypertrophied throat & lungs that we’ve met with the guys.I’ll have to check out with the USAB database but I believe this is more the work of C-virus” Ted said
“Is’nt this what create those regenerating & mutating BOWs in the first place ?” I asked
“And also expensive….this stuff,among the costliest products on the black market.This is obviously not the work of lowlife punks in the gutter….but a high profile,deep pocketed group” Vladilena said.
“HQ to 2nd Division,orders update:your unit is requested to provide support to C.D.U. which is facing a titan type of BOWs”
“QuoiWhat ?” Vic said, dumbfounded
“Divisions 6,7 and 8 are being dispatched but your unit is the nearest”
“Guys,we’re being Rick Rolled….Lance to HQ….Il faut qu’il se démerde le soldat Ryan » Vic said while itching his cheek intentionally with his middle finger
“They’re right,we haven’t even reached Neo Raccoon’s aerial space.What do we do captain ?” Biloute added
Captain Vladilena remained silent for a moment to think.
“I’m frankly not eager to help them either,I mean do you realize the reputation those guys give us ? A Raccoon Times Journalist nicknamed us the “Bad Police” can you believe it ?” Ted said
“2nd Division Leader to HQ,my team will complete the objective by escorting the subject to safely to the base.This task has been entrusted by Commander Nihei himself.I’ll provide support to C.D.U. alone,Over” Vladilena said,breaking up her silence.
“Wait Division 2 Leader!! You can’t decide by your..”
“If you bureaucrats want to give orders,come prove your worthiness on the battlefield until then do NOT interfere,end of transmission” Vladilena said while she stood up & turned toward the chopper’s sliding door to open it.A wind gust came in.
“Guys,the appearance of this monster is likely connected to this whole mess and with a little luck the BioCrime’s perpetrator may not be far.I can’t let this opportunity slide.Alistair,you’re in command make sure the subject reaches HQ safely….Bignou lower the altitude so I can just jump off,hurry!”
“Biloute captain,not Bignou!”
“I Request permission to come with you captain,you may need my Firepower”

Vladilena gave me a weird look when I asked this.After “Lady’s first” heroism,disobedience and insubordination,the thing she hates is the most(despite her open-mindedness toward other people’s opinions on a given situation) is questioning orders.
“Lance you’re in charge of the team” she said after a few seconds of reflection.
“Don’t you two dare die” Vic said while throwing an 5.56x45mm ammo Pack at me
“Don’t worry bro your promotion is only temporary” I replied & winked
“Here Alistair,Blue/Green/Red herbs freshly mixed,take it” Ted said
“Thanks Partner”
“You’re done ? let’s go!” Without a warning,from behind me she tightly wrapped her left arm around my midsection then forcing us out of the fly.It happened so fast that I barely had the time to feel the descent or the void nor pressure of the wind, guess we weren’t fying so high in the sky.I actually have no idea what the titanium made claws of her grapple hook grabbed to help us land more or less soothingly the Spiderman Way.

“Ha.....always loved your way to travel,captain!” I told her after snapping out of the dizziness,I felt that my ribcage ached slightly probably due to the strength of her grip. Vladilena rewound the thin metal wire of the custom grapple hook automatically by pressing a button & took a look at the GPS
“Come on the C.D.U.’s signal indicates this way. Don’t fall behind!”

A few miles of running followed and not at the pace of a Sunday morning jogger.Vladilena is’nt nicknamed “shkVAL” for nothing.Her personal record at the 100-metres dash is 6.58 for a max speed measured at 103.1 km/h in bursts of more than 500m. My synthetic testosterone & erythropoietin are pretty much useless against her inhuman abilities. So yeah,I “do stuff” but…yes you should play fair at sports but being front line in the counter bio-terrorism business isn’t a competition,the potential of being chopped off by bigger than life creatures doesn’t offer an evenly level playing field besides,everybody more or less “do stuff” in my unit, primarily stimulants : Vic’s weed act as a relaxant which help him bear with the stress, Ted takes beta blockers to prevent his hand from shaking & enhance his shooting skills,I saw Dan munching on amphetamines & caffeine pills more than once,Weaver and his Alcohol…the rest of the 50 men composing the division are either on steroids,Painkillers or others sedatives.I do not gamble with my health using performance-enhancing-drugs(PEDs)for cosmetic reasons or for performance itself,this is for the sake of multiplying the chances of survival.

People generally have no idea,not one glimpse of an idea of the physical capabilities & fitness required by this job,it goes way beyond being simply jacked,fit for combat so yes we have to consider the skills & tactical aspects in a situation but you often find yourself running/sprinting/melee fight/run/gun fight/run/crawl/sprint/struggle against a BOWs(I recall that time when the hunter crashed out of a window,pinned me down & tried to thrust its claws through my throat,hopefully I had enough strength to push it away)this cycle can happen within short amount of time in between recovery phases and go on over & over again. These efforts obey to specific Cardio-types(aerobic /anaerobic lactic/alactic anaerobic (resistance) and when you “mix” different efforts explosively in short time periods you don’t get a simple “addition”, you get an exponential complicatedness of what you’re asking to your body. On my first big mission with the BSAA I vomited in the middle of the war,not because of the disgusting BOWs around but because the efforts were so grueling that I felt like a 38 tons truck trying to ride the steepest uphill,I felt like I needed a second heart to sustain my pulse and I was like 170lbs at the time.Of course “adjusting” Cardio-types by performing High-Intensity-Interval-Training(HIIT)or commonly called “Conditioning” is a possibility but forget about reaching your maximal potential in a specific effort type(a marathon runner will never be a good sprinter and Inversely).

Size also matter,the ultimate law of strength is the heavier you are the stronger you are to be.Quality weight is preferable(Muscle rather than fat),a too sizeable muscle mass even lean hinders Cardio (basically because blood vessels have to travel farther) that’s why I limited my bodyweight gain to 185lbs,I’ve felt like it was a good strength/stamina compromise.Some might rightfully(or not)argue that with proper diet,sleeping & training a 15lbs gain is achievable naturally but this is important to understand that optimizing aerobic capacity(Vo2MAX) and anaerobic metabolism which relies on fast twitches muscles(white fibers) while sustaining a muscle mass increase is impossible without “help”.Testosterone’s role is recovery,it avoids entering catabolic phases(overtraining),epo boost red blood cells count(oxygen carriers)it also remove toxic metabolic wastes thus delay fatigue in prolonged efforts.Keep in mind that as a BioPolice operative my schedule isn’t one of a pro athlete & that we focus a lot on marksmanship maintenance although we’re really devoted to physical training & all.
I managed to not get completely outrun by captain Vladilena(probably slowed her pace,to not leave me behind).We came across the C.D.U. barrage beleaguering Little Arklay,it wasn’t a simple roadblock but a quarantine with yellow tapes,large spike strips & division zero operatives armored from head to toes ready to “STK” Shoot To Kill
“I am Division 2 leader Vladilena Vief,and this is Alistair McNichol!we come to provide support to your unit,let us pass!” she said after a brief military salute

“Only the two of you ?...no never mind HQ just confirmed the dispatching of several divisions…are you running recon ?” the Panzer Cop’s voice, filtered through his oxygen mask felt distant & particular.Vladilena took a couple of quick glances around.The number of men affected to barrage keeping was fairly large,some of them looked idle and bored,some laid on their trucks.

“You guys look busy!cannot find a way to kill the time ?” I said.
“Hmph…you won’t find many volunteers willing to get chopped limb by limb by this monster,it’s a vicious one that won’t just kill you painlessly.My teammate Two-Eyes got its calf impaled by piece of metal then he was beaten to death with its strange looking Bazooka” the Panzer Cop was interrupted by a non-human scream thundering out of Little Arklay.
“Like I said…I’m not re-entering the perimeter with this thing around…you know we’re just mercenaries…”
Vladilena let out a little laugh at that.Unusual of her.She turned to me “Did you hear that Alistair ? ” her typical Russian accent stood out.

“No…Mercenaries sell their abilities to the highest bidders so let me tell you what you are:you’re the garbage collectors of BioPolice,you and your crappy skills hold no Military value whatsoever,all you two-bit marksmen are good to is cleaning the shit after us” a contemptuous smirk was formed on her face.”Damn” I told myself,the captain never had the tongue in her pockets but pissing them off while we were 2 versus a whole pack didn’t spark my enthusiasm. Heat escalated:
“What did you say Bitch!!” the C.D.U. operative said, pointing the muzzle of his M60 on Vladilena.I immediately returned the favor,pointing the M16A2
“Get the fuck out of my Way!” Vladilena ordered,she didn’t budge an inch,as if there was no M60 at gunpoint ,her stare however totally changed to threat mode,the blue of her eyes locked on the target.The attention of the group got caught and much to my surprise a C.D.U. guy intervened.
“Guys!Guys we’re on the same boat,calm down Specter!”
“But WolfGuy did you hear what she called us ?”
“You’ve seen it yourself in the jungle months ago,that chick ai’nt totally human!if we let her take care of business we might wrap things up & go home quicker!!”
“I got it,I got it!let go of me!!” I released my finger from the trigger as things cooled down
“You guys never let go of the masks & helmets ?” I asked
“Decontamination chamber…you know what it is..anyway I warn you that you chances of survival are low…somehow it is after BioPolice members…you’ll see”
“Make way useless…Alistair let’s go”

I had a strange feeling when we entered Little Arklay for the second time tonight…like stepping into a coliseum arena or a lion cage.The ravaged town gave off a strange vibe too.Streets light and utility poles were down,cars crashed & flipped over,shops were trashed,fire hydrant leaking but somehow the town was deserted.Besides the few bodies of civilians that the bastards at the barrage shot down strangely no sign of Midnight Wanderers.I thought that we might just have regrouped them earlier this evening inside the School. We walked down Little Arklay’s main avenue
“Tony come in!”
“Captain ?”
“Trying to pirate LA’s camera systems ?”
“You know me captain.I’m already on it”
“I’m aware.just telling you,don’t get caught.I have a contact inside NRPD so even if you don’t succeed we still can get our hands on the cam tapes”
“Roger” Tony Roscoe is the team’s information warfare & technology specialist,he acts from our bureau at HQ.I asked why did we need to go to such lengths to obtain the recordings since this incident was within BioPolice’s jurisdiction,we could’ve have requested them legally to the Neo Raccoon Police Department.She explained that going with the diplomatic way would’ve been too slow & that Nihei for that matter wasn’t too keen on diplomacy.

A devilish silhouette emerged of the shadow as we walked down on the gloomy side of the streets,at the center of a crossroad amongst wrecked vehicles & bloody carnage “it”, an humanoid was crushing its victim’s head to a pulp,seems like a lot of effort was put into his torture.The dude was like 7ft2 & easily 450lbs of pure muscle,I have no word in my book to describe its width,any top contestant bodybuilder would’ve looked like a kid compared to this monster,its triceps,biceps and deltoids were so huge,like filled with Synthol(a drug causing muscle swelling).The Size of hands & forearms were literally to be likened to tree trunks.A BOW of such build make Umbrella’s Tyrants look like candy men. Its nude torso revealed its greyish skin which sported a couple of holes on its chest as if it was attained of staphylococcus,its red flesh tissue were visible.Over-sized rangers & paratrooper pants with a monochrome shades of green,brown & black made its apparel.A few hairs adorned its mostly bald skull,failing to hide its deformed face,the latter was like sustained by a piece of white metal literally sewed on the left side of its deformed face,almost covering its glowing red-eye.”Ugly” could’ve been the right nickname but I discovered,much to my expense why “Berserker” was chosen instead.

“The Fucking size of him!!” I yelled, startled by awe & Fear

The Berserker shouldered its weapon,hang on tight:an FGM-148 Javelin missile launcher,yes the thing that pierce through the most sophisticated tanks’ armor plate like butter,I plunged on the ground,hands covering my head as the missile took off the launcher then the rocket motors ignited and blasted the building behind us,which crumbled on the road,blocking the way & making any eventual retreat option much more difficult.Its intention was to cut us off,not to blow us in pieces with the missile.
I merely got the time to get back on my feet before the monster in a relentless fury stormed on me to hit me with the rubber lid of its Javelin in the paunch. ”ARGH!” The force the shock sent me fly a dozen meters away.The violence of the impact was such that I actually don’t remember anything from when I got hit to the moment I landed
“What am I doing here ??...oh yeah we’re fighting that monster!! Arrrgh!! What a blow! I feel like I’ve been hit by a cannonball or something…Vladilena!”

Despite the good protection of the bulletproof jackets against impacts,the violence of the blow it had dealt me back there was probably enough to propagate throughout my body & somehow reach my brain,causing temporary amnesia.
Vladilena poured on with the MP5 but she realized that 9mm rounds were as efficient as mosquito bites on him.So she quickly broke the distance and dealt a brutal, lightning fast left low-kick that had made the berserker almost tumble but it got ahold of the captain by the throat & lifted her off the ground,applying more & more pressure.Vladilena got out of its choking hand by switching to an armbar, the monster was in position of getting its elbow dislocated but it lifted her up and violently slammed her back down on the hard asphalt ground many times over,she still didn’t let go of the armbar so this time the berserker jumped and put all its weight behind,blood gushed out Vladilena’s mouth but she finally got the monster’s forearm dislocated.Furious,the berserker,well decided to make her pay kicked the grounded captain away like a soccer ball.

I sucked up my pain,pulled the trigger of the assault rifle until empting the magazine clip,the convenience there was that it was so big that I barely had to focus on aiming but if C.D.U.’s 7.62x51 bullets weren’t actually able to deal damage it,I was hardly getting any respect or attention from the monster with 5.56x45 rounds my gun spit,instead of clipping yet another magazine I paused a few seconds,adjusting the aim then I shot an M203 launched 40mm grenade which exploded on the back of the monster’s head…the sights became even more wondrous,with half of its skull gone,the bulging brain appeared soaked in a viscous transparent liquid.The charred neck skin let appear some sort of black mechanic system like partly grafted on its cerebellum and connected to the cervical nerves.This was when I noticed its black spinal column just slightly stood out.
I had more or less gotten the monster’s attention,the grenade that blasted away half of its skull was like a gentle tap as it wasn’t forgetting about Vladilena,it drew a grenade out of one of its side pouch that resembled to the famous WWII,British made “Sticky Bomb” or Grenade Hand Anti-Tank No.74. The deflagration that resulted when it was thrown toward the captain was incomparable to our small M67 anti personal hand grenades.It unleashed a hell of fire and set ablaze the nearby cars,I was unsure of whether the captain got caught in the flames so I started to get worry about her…even if there is one person capable of surviving this trap of fire,it’s gonna be her.

The Berserker was finally locked ‘n’ loaded on me,viscous brain fluid dribbled all over its face.I should have known better.According to the old Norse Literature Berserk warriors fought in an uncontrollable,trance like rage,ignorants of pain or fear, instigating terror among allies and enemies.Historians say that Berserk-Warriors used drugs & potions to wear themselves into the state of fury.

Ready to charge on me again,the sound of the shriek it yelled out before marching forward at full speed hurt my stomach.Even the smallest movement was out of question,I did’nt know by which miracle I was still standing on my unsteady legs.there was no way to survive another Blow,even from a one-armed monster.I acknowledge that fear also played a role in my inability to move,anyone telling you he’s not afraid in this business is a liar.Fear is always present,lingering in the back of your head,ready to take over your mind.The difference is whether you have enough strength in the mental side to withstand it and if you can’t,well you end up like the poor guy Vladilena gunned down at the school.

The fact that I drew out Roberto Kendou’s modified Magnum was the proof that my mental was in shamble because the three previous guys that fired the gun all respectively broke their wrist,popped an elbow joint and dislocated their shoulders thanks to the demonic recoil of the weapon.Originally an S&W Model 29,10 Inches barreled Roberto modified it completely.The old man crafted a 3-rounds rotating cylinder to replace the original 6-rounds cylinder fit to chamber much larger bullets,capacity diminished but Roberto’s goal was power.A firepower so overwhelming that the de facto modified barrel was weighed with titanium features.It looked totally futuristic,straight out of a bad SF Movie. Ammunitions were designed by Kendou with hardened point & special gunpowder: “Son, anybody can make C powder by mixing gunpowder A & B. But a greater level of skill is required for the ammo to pierce ever more sophisticated armoring or bigger and bigger monsters. Dan is good with the reloading tool but I’m still the only one capable of making gunpowder D and let me tell you that the stuff will propel the bullet so powerfully that anything standing near will be wiped off, the main problem is that nobody normally constituted would withstand the recoil ”

Trading one of arm against a slight chance of survival bugged me but no options were available other than using my most powerful weapon on hand,I neither had the luxury time of reloading a 40mm grenade into the M203,the monster was coming in to make me fly again and I had only one shot so to get full efficiency I had wait for it to be at least 2 meters from me.
“Fuck it all” I thought,Squeezing my teeth & decided to play this card. An Arrow nailed the monster on the knee, which hindered its momentum.The captain burst out of the blazing wreckage on shkVAL Mode & lethally low kicked the monster’s knee, which thrust the arrow deeper into the Berserker’s flesh, dire was sound of broken kneecap & tearing ligaments.
The Berserker, like the first time sought to grab Vladilena but its dislocated arm did’nt permit it & she quickly moved out.The captain also owned customized weaponry,like the grapple hook on her right forearm,her left forearm was fit with a small Bow gun,courtesy of Roberto.
Still not completely incapacitated,it tottered stubbornly in my direction.Obstinate,Vladilena shot the grapple hook that skewered again the monster’s knee & pulled the wire which made it trip “Shoot it now!!” She ordered

Like a decree from heavens,I strengthened my grip & pulled the trigger,the blast recoil projected me meters backward & made my ears ring.”Argh!!!Gwahrg!!!”writhing in my torments,the pain begun to run through the aching, shrinking veins of my forearm then propagated further.I tried ease the pain with a syringe of painkiller that I shot to myself.
The blast eviscerated the Berserker,some of its bowels on the ground or still hanging,a pool of blood rapidly formed around it and for the first time the beast showed signs of weaknesses,I was still amazed that the bullet didn’t pierce it through. Vladilena profited of this moment to back mount it,and,with all her strength she tried to pull out the mysterious black mechanism grafted on its brain.Her slightly muscular arms stood out,gritting her teeth as she even with her strength struggled to tear off the device. The monster’s screams, which struck fear moments ago, revealed its agony.
Light green substance leaked out as small,wired brain-device connection cables yielded.
“No way!! that stuff this is..??!!” I told myself

Vladilena battled to snatch it off,she switched stance to get more strength & leeway. With the kind of power the captain has,it wasn’t normal for her to put up such effort.
She removed the device in one big pull and the monster’s whole spinal column that tore through its back, went out along with the black device,the substance poured out and the Berserker fell & gave out its last breath….
Thus the battle was over.My back against the ruin of a car I was set in an awkward muteness trying to recover physically but psychologically as well,in these moments everything seem a bit out of reality.Vladilena’s hand reaching out to me snapped me out of this state

“Blitzkrieg for the Win eh comrade ?....Let me see your arm!!” she said in a rare smile.
“If you say so Vladi..I mean Captain…what about you ?”
“Nothing serious.You’re lucky,looks like your elbow got a clean dislocation.Lance just radioed,the helicopter will be here in a minute.I Warned Ted to better not show up with a shitty F. Aid Spray & herbs!!”
“I don’t want to sound too cliché but What the hell is that thing ? and this green shit…is it what I think it is ?”
“SV-3….the drug ravaging Neo Raccoon’s lower Districts…..the creepy doctor is going to be like a kid inside a candy store when that beast will be brought in the Lab for dissection.”

BioPolice 2nd Division/1st Platoon:

Anatolia Vladilena Vief/NA,Division Captain,Markshmanship

Alistair McNichol/26,Markshman,unofficial second in command

Victor "Vic" Lance/25,Sniper

Dan Deuter/30,explosive expert,Gunman

Ted Callahan/29,Medical support provider,gunman

Tony Roscoe/38,Information & Tech WarFare,Acts from HQ

Michaelson Weaver/21,Newest Recruit,gunman

John Biloute/35,Chopper Pilot
Chris Redfield Is'nt On Steroid.Fact.