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Autant vous dire que je suis impatient de savoir si ça va réellement se concrétiser !
Toujours rêvé, de voir ces évènements là avant l'intervention des STARS.
Comme dans les drama japonais sur CD audio : Des histoires communes mais dramatiques d'habitants de Raccoon City.
Avec un détective, ok, mais j'espère juste qu'ils penseront à y introduire aussi Ben Bertolucci, le journaliste du Raccoon City Tmes. :love
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A surveiller de très prêt :p J'ai beaucoup aimé la série The Wakling Dead aussi.
Trebla Reksew, fan de la toute première heure ...
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Mance Media n'a visiblement pas les droits, Capcom n'est cité nulle part, et leur proof of concept est bien fumeux.
Je n'en attends rien du tout. Dans le meilleur des cas, ça fera une web series potable.
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C'est *inspiré* de Resident Evil. On a jamais dit qu'ils avaient les droits. Le nom ARKLAY n'est pas déposé, donc tout va bien. ;)
Et je crois que Raccoon City existe aussi vraiment aux USA. Donc, ils peuvent utiliser sans problème le nom de la ville. ;)
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C'est dommage que ce ne soit pas une série officielle, ça perd assez de son intérêt tout de même. ://
Faut voir jusqu'où ils peuvent aller dans l'inspiration sans avoir de problèmes avec Capcom.
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Bah oui, mais ça CAPCOM ferait mieux d'y réfléchir et de s'y mettre... :desespere
Quand on a dans les mains une licence en or comme celle-là, on ne la confie pas à Anderson.
On fait des D.A. comme les Star Wars Clone Wars ou prochainement Rebels, une série TV WD like, Des comics, des collections Altaya (hein Mat ? :lol), que sais-je encore ?

Bref, on rentabilise un max' et surtout, surtout, on fait plaisir aux fans ! ;)
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Je pense pas que ça va déranger Capcom cette série, eux qui veulent faire connaître la franchise aux " nouveaux arrivants ", même si ce n'est qu'une inspiration.
Ça à l'air prometteur et intéressant. Tant que ce soit pas aussi mauvais que les films d'Anderson avec ses clones Jackie chan.
I'm a ghost coming back to haunt you... Chris.
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Comme dit dans la dernière news à propos, ya un site web associé à la vidéo "Dave".
Les identifiants ont été trouvés depuis :
Username: dave

Password: grimrasputinisdead

For 2-step authentication, please rearrange the following letters into correct order
GRIMRASPUTINISDEAD -> paradigmindustries
Cela donne accès au texte suivant :
1— Paradigm Industries

Paradigm Industries
Healing is our Power. Your Reality.


Pharmaceutical conglomerate known for revolutionizing breakthrough in modern science and medicine of the twenty-first century. Leader in gene editing, therapy, stem-cell and consumer products. We shape a promising future with you in mind. We are here whether you need us or not.

Our biology is felt in all places.

est. ninteen twenty-t

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2— K-219

Project 667A, or as known mostly as the Soviet submarine K-219, went missing in 1986. It housed an estimated 34 nuclear warheads and happened to be one of the most controversial submarine incidents during the Cold War.

The submarine suffered a major internal explosion and fires within, causing casualties along the way. The seal in the missile hatch cover failed, causing ocean water to leak inside and react with residue from the missile’s liquid fuel.

The Soviet Union claimed that the leak was caused by a collision with the submarine USS Augusta, but cited no real source of information. Both the US Navy and even the commander of K-219 denied any collision took place.

Ultimately, the vessel sank to 18,000 feet.

Two years later in ’88, the Soviet ship Keldysh positioned itself over K-219 and discovered that several missile silo hatches were found forced open which once had the nuclear warheads they contained were gone.

No one has any information on the whereabouts of these missing 34 warheads.

3— R.

FWD: Translation Success!

-- (23:02) By the way, R. gives me the heebie jeebies. Anyway, ‘enjoy’ I guess.

// As a species, we completely ignore the fact that we crave more than what life offers us. We are “fine” with the sentiment that we are all right and that we are very limited and that we have boundaries with what we can and cannot do. We are flawed, and we feel better by calling it “beautiful.” In truth, we are inmates to this earthly prison and we welcome the denial. We dream. We wonder. We stare into the black matter that surrounds us. We have no idea what it is, really. We live and die in denying our fullest potential. It’s possible for us to know our limits and not know them at the same time. We are our own limitation. We live and we die. We will forever crave. We crave the further. We crave the unexplored. Most are pacified with humanly conceived ideas. Our species are the only ones who care about ideas. We dwell on our imperfections. We dwell on how we can evolve and to simply be more in order to justify the why. We do control our own evolution. Most are oblivious to it, but we do. But it’s for the higher purpose — a higher purpose that we will forever explore. Perhaps we are only limited because our species has not advanced enough? How then do we accelerate that? Ah, through more control—the very control to manipulate the outcome of our future, our species.
R. //

-- (23:03) I can’t figure out how old this is. It’s creeping me out. I’ve been up for 18 hours and I’m starting to hear weird things in the house now. Thanks, R. Too afraid to walk down the hall to get some water lol. Bed time.

-- (07:54) Yeah... this is a tough one.

-- (08:32) Did your dad look at this yet?

-- (08:34) Waiting to hear back. Did R. get to you in your sleep?

-- (10:22) Lol. You know, maybe R was onto something.

4— I, A Long Love Lost

“Well, we are our own worst critics. And keep in mind Michelangelo hated working on the Sistine Chapel. Listen, gotta go--driving. Hey, good luck tonight. I’m sorry I’ll be late, but I’m still yours.” There was warmth to his smile. Aimlessly, he tossed the phone onto the passenger seat after hanging up. That evening, Selena, his wife, was part of an art exhibit, showcasing her work.

This would be the last time he’d ever speak to her.

“... if Pollack were an Impressionist,” Jamie would say from time to time when he’d describe her work to colleagues. (Editor note: Jamie is the nickname Selena loved calling him. -Ellie) And while she appreciated such praise, she disliked feeling that it was merely derivative. Her strokes were bold and fierce with colors that contrasted but somehow didn’t feel that way. Her pieces housed images of anything and everything: people, animals, various landscapes without the blue skies; harsh contours of color enveloped, swirled and choked the negative space which surrounded each image. Jamie was always blown away and Selena was eager to express her messages in each one. She would ponder, marinate, and dream about her feelings. And only express herself when she completed a painting. The way she bit down on her upper lip, he loved that. To feel and not paint, to her, was an opportunity completely lost once the feeling washed away.

Selena was reserved and an utterly humble woman. She had that sense of class and fashion without being overtly transparent about it. She learned how to be confident from him.

“Professor,” Selena spoke softly, just feet away from him in this intimidatingly spacious auditorium. She lacked assertiveness in her trembling voice here, because this was the first time they had ever spoke. If they were alone, their voices would echo. Class was dismissed moments ago, the students flooded toward the doors. Jamie, a lover for the history of the arts, turned to her now, his eyes wide. He had a soft, clean-shaven countenance. His side burns had a touch of white and ever more wisdom. And easier on the eyes because of it. “Please, call me James,” he spoke encouragingly and comfortably. She thought over her words. “I don’t know if I should be here. I mean, in this class.” It came out almost jokingly, but it was a means to mask her embarrassment of confessing such recognition of doubt in her.

“Then you shouldn’t be here.” He said. Jamie was precise. He didn’t say this with a smirk nor was being frivolous. He had a concerned inflection. Selena had no words to bounce back with, sheepishly nodding.

Their late afternoon talk ended up turning into being an evening about dedication, philosophy, the stars, existentialism, and, of course, art. The two had forgotten the time and now the auditorium echoed with their words filled with emotion and laughter. Selena adored art history, but her heart was truly with the paint. And for the rest of her quarter, she went to his class with a new perspective and vigor. She believed in his words and in him.

It wasn’t long before they became more than the serious conversations about their creative purpose. They were inseparable. It was no surprise for them to marry a year later.

“I’m sorry I’ll be late,” The disappointed words escaped him, dare would he ever let down his wife; however, he had to finish an already two day late essay.

It was promised to be published in the London Magazine and there was supposed interest from New York Times thanks to word of mouth. “Even if you can’t make it, I’ll tell you all about it. You’re mine.” Selena mentions.

“I’m yours,” His lips barely grazing the cell.

To Jamie, the evening was a stream of consciousness. The words and ideas flowed out of him like an intense current as he finished up the essay. Whether or not he was making sense didn’t matter much to him. That’s what editors are for. He swung his head back to swallow a few ounces of his mixed whiskey and coke. The grandfather clock in the house ticked abruptly and tocked incessantly, even though it came from the first floor. Literally, it mocked him as the seconds danced by.

In a matter of seconds, he was out the door and on the road.

But he’d never see her again.

5— Lie, lie, truth

Listen. Chernobyl was a cover for something worse.

You see, it began with the US-UK master plan. It was a way to destroy Soviet economy and its military. In 1979, the “Sverdlovsk Incident” happened as a result of US-UK sabotage to damage Soviet Union. That doesn’t mean Soviets were simple victims here. They were doing their own nefarious things. Four years earlier, they violated the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention).

The United States denies it. The United Kingdom denies it.

This was happening days after USSR decided to arm ICBM’s with biological warheads. In 1982, there was joint sabotage on Siberial oil pipeline. This was carried out by the CIA. But they did admit to this. It was sabotage to Chernobyl’s reactor number 4. This whole thing about poor Soviet design and quality is just ridiculous. Since at the time, the European tech was just about to supersede the West. And something had to be done because of it.

Western propaganda continues to twist the truth with misinformation.

It’s a joke that actual nuclear engineer experts working at these power plants would be making five or six consecutive mistakes.

This was what paved the way to USSR dissolution. This was the failsafe to protect the masses from even further biological warfa -/0
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